Windows Server 2008 End Of Life

Windows Server 2008 Countdown

From the time of publication (07/10/2019) it is only 99 days until Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 go out of support. This means there will not be any more Security Updates for these Operating Systems (OS).
See Microsoft’s guidance for more information.
The “end of life” of an operating system is also commonly a time where more vulnerabilities are exposed and exploited.

Migration Options

Not everything is lost though at this point if you are not able to upgrade to Windows Server 2019 yet. Microsoft gives you the option to migrate their Windows Servers running these Operating Systems to Azure and that way receive three years of additional support (including security updates) at no additional cost.
This gives you a bit more time to sort out the OS upgrade while running on Azure.
On top of this those rehosted virtual machines will also be eligible for “bring your own licence” and including an upfront commitment to running those virtual machines (reserved instances) you can save up to 80% of the compute cost.


It is simple to just “lift & shift” your virtual machines into your Azure environment and run them without any changes. This however might not be the best solution for most, as this is a common cause for bill-shock, security issues or outages.
Most virtual machines do not need to run 24x7x265. Most virtual machines do not need the almost default on-premises 4 vCPU / 16 GB RAM configuration, but can get away with much less than this.
Rightsizing, turning things off, automating the deployment and leveraging cloud infrastructure services are considerations you must take into account when migrating workloads to the cloud.

A good partner

On this journey to the cloud an experienced partner at your side is important. One with proven capabilities in this area helping customers move to a more modern platform.
Reach out to to learn more about our offer to help you stay secure, current and do not experience bill-shock.

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