How to install Azure Service Fabric SDK

This is a quick one but it cost me quite a bit of time to solve this little puzzle, which ended up being a not too difficult one after all.
I was asked to create an Azure pipeline which would create a new Azure DevOps build agent based on a Windows Server 2016 VM.

Azure DevOps build agent

Build agents usually require specific software to be installed on them so that applications can be built, compiled, packaged, whatever you want to call it. As did this one.
One of those applications was the Azure Service Fabric SDK.
The official way of installing this SDK is through the Web Platform Installer (WebPI). I have always used the webpicmd.exe to install features unattended (as you should), so it came a bit as a surprise to me when the installation of the Azure Service Fabric SDK repeatedly failed on a vanilla Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.
Read the full article on David’s blog.

Azure Service Fabric installation

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