Conference season

We are thrilled to announce our presence at two major independent conferences on two continents over the next two months.
David will be travelling and presenting on important Cloud topics at the following conferences:

Cloud Track Owner / Promo code

David will not just represent XIRUS at those two big conferences, but at IT DevConnections he will also run the Cloud track as Track Chair.
In this role David has already made sure that interesting and important topics have been selected for this track and will also host a panel discussion and multiple Birds of a Feather sessions throughout the conference.
As part of his role at the conference we are happy to provide you with an $800 USD discount code for new registrations available here

Azure consumption

When running any workloads in the cloud it is important to stay in control of what is happening in your environment. We believe the following topics therefor cover areas that Microsoft Azure customers want to get a better understanding of, which is why David will present those as the main speaker:


    3AM, on a Sunday, you should be asleep, but instead you are woken up by a text claiming that “the super-critical app is timing out again”. What is happening? Where is it slow? Why is it slow? In this session we will discover the services that Microsoft Azure offers to customers to collect logs and specifically metrics of our cloud workloads. We will understand what metrics we should be interested in when running on a cloud platform and how to get to those metrics. We will learn about open-source tools and will definitely build some nice dashboards. In the end attendees will have the knowledge to start building their own metrics dashboards and next time they are woken up at 3AM they will be able to quickly understand what is happening.

cloud consumption

  • Clean your mess up! Hygiene in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

    “With great power comes great responsibility.” - every Ops team in the cloud, ever! With all those possibilities that cloud providers promise us a lot of fears travel along. “How can I make sure that workloads are only deployed in region XYZ?” “How do I know who did what?” “How do I get notified if something happens?” “How do I not get bill shock?” All of these questions are normal and need to be addressed in every implementation. Come along and hear about offerings and services in Microsoft Azure that will assist companies to clean up their cloud and keep it tidy.

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