Techmentor conference at Microsoft HQ

Two weeks ago David represented us at the Techmentor Event in Redmond / USA which was held on Microsoft’s global headquarters, a great venue for a great event.
Apart from delivering two very well received sessions on cloud topics he also used the opportunity to meet members of some Microsoft Azure product teams.
This was a great opportunity to sit down face to face with the people actually working on those great services and giving them feedback on those that I was given by my customers. Microsoft, the new Microsoft, is very open to such feedback and some great conversations were had, which will enable us to deliver an even better service to our customers here in Australia.

Some great takeaways we were able to gather at the Techmentor event:

don’t live in a bubble!

Not everybody lives and breathes serverless or even containers. Most clouds are still made of virtual machines.

architect for change!

If you get the chance to start fresh, make sure your environment is architected with change in mind. You don’t want another monolith that you can’t easily change.

automation is key!

You need to automate wherever you can. This is how you show your value. This is how you make time for more interesting work. This is how you do not get woken up in the middle of the night because a server died.

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